STRAP Consortium

The STRAP consortium is formed by three leading universities with complementary expertise, two healthcare organizations, and six innovative small-medium companies, that are aiming at technological innovations in healthcare. These partners collaborate with the eScience center to develop big data solutions for the prevention and diagnosis of heart disease.


STRAP is a consortium formed in response to acute needs in cardiac care as these were experienced in cardiology clinics, combined with the gradual commodification of health tracking technologies. Our project manager and the person who initiated the project, Eelko Ronner, were particularly concerned that many of the technological-driven initiatives in this area do not address the most acute bottlenecks in healthcare. So the project was set up to develop a new AI-powered solution, with low-cost technology, aiming for a higher impact on healthcare costs.


To demonstrate the early detection of deterioration of heart condition in heart failure patients using IoT technologies for longitudinal ambulatory assessment.

Industrial Partners

Hangzhou BOBO

Smart Building Tech Lab B.V.

Smart Toilets B.V.